STAND OUT : VR Battle Royale


Stand Out is the ultimate fight for your life. Compete to be the last man alive on a huge island filled with deadly weapons and vehicles. This is Battle Royale. This game is not recommended for you first experience in VR! It’s a blast, but extremely complicated!


  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: 2-4 Players
  • Kid Friendly: No
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Station: Room-Scale


  • Menu Button: Climb (Use Both Hands)
  • Thumb Pad: Movement
  • Trigger: Fire weapon/Pull the Bolt Handle
  • Grip Button: Grab Items
  • Home Button: Switch Games/Call for Help/List of Game Controls


  • Look at your left wrist to see the map
  • Pull triggers to drop from the plane
  • Use the Thumb Pad to move yourself while parachuting
  • Grab Items, hold them to your body, and press the Grip Button again to add an item to your inventory