Sprint Vector


Welcome to Sprint Vector championship intergalactica, where the physical thrill of extreme sports meets the unhinged energy of a crazy game show! Run, jump, climb, fling, and fly at extreme velocity as you race up to eight players and battle obstacles in this frenetic VR adrenaline platformer that puts your speed and finesse to the test!


  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: 2-4 Players
  • Kid Friendly: Yes
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Station: Room-Scale


  • Menu Button: Return to Lobby
  • Thumb Button: Jump
  • Trigger: Power stroke while swinging. Double tap to fire weapon or activate pickup.
  • Grip Button: Brakes
  • Home Button: Switch Games/Call for Help/List of Game Controls


  • Long steady swings are better than short and fast. Jump and fly to get a rest!