Google Earth VR


Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the Eiffel Tower. Travel to places you could never visit yourself or plan your next exotic vacation!


  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Kid Friendly: Yes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Station: Room-Scale


  • Menu Button: Left: Save Location – Right: Search Menu
  • Thumb Pad: Left: Place Earth in front of or beneath you – Right: Fly forward or backward
  • Trigger: Drag the Earth, Change the Time of Day
  • Grip Button: N/A
  • Home Button: Switch Games/Call for Help/List of Game Controls


  • Use the Search Menu to find specific landmarks or addresses
  • Drag the sky to change the time of day