Cowbots and Aliens


A fun and fast paced multiplayer shooter for all ages! Set in the old west with colorful cartoon graphics. No blood or gore, but plenty of weapons to take out your enemies! This game has simple controls that make it easy to join a team and jump right into the action.


  • Single Player: Yes
  • Multiplayer: 2-4 Players, Online
  • Kid Friendly: Yes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Station: Room-Scale


  • Menu Button: Menu
  • Thumb Button: Teleport
  • Trigger: Grab Item, Shoot
  • Grip Button: Hold/Drop Item
  • Home Button: Switch Games/Call for Help/List of Game Controls


  • Guns will lock to player’s hand when grabbed with the trigger
  • To let go of the gun press the Grip Button
  • Players can look at their wrist to check health