Oculus Quest Announcement

If you were on the Oculus Facebook page today at 1pm EST then you were probably there to watch the Oculus Connect 5 live stream. The hype leading up to this event for the virtual reality industry was strong and everyone has been ready to hear something truly groundbreaking.

After taking the stage, Mark Zuckerberg revealed within minutes of the stream that version 2 of the Oculus Rift would not be revealed today. This was definitely a disappointing moment until he quickly transitioned into presenting an entirely new piece of hardware. He started by laying out a road map focused on standalone headsets, hand tracking, and 6 degrees of freedom leading up to the announcement of the Oculus Quest.

The Quest headset is entirely standalone without any wires or external connections necessary. It will be shipping spring 2019 and cost $399. They seem to be combining the best of both worlds from the Oculus Go and Rift. The headset has the capability to offer Rift quality experiences from the 6 degrees of freedom and included Touch Controllers. They have also made it adjustable to accommodate glasses. The resolution will match the Go with 1600×1440 in each eye. More than 50 titles are planned to be available at launch.

Mark went on to talk about this being the completion of generation one of their VR product line. The Oculus Go is the solution for a cheap and mobile headset.  The Oculus Quest provides the all-in-one that we have all been waiting for. The Oculus Rift gives the higher end experiences that need the extra punch of a gaming PC.

There are still a couple questions about the Oculus Quest. One of the primary questions is whether the battery life will stand up to long gaming sessions. The Oculus Go only stands up to sustained use for around 30 minutes or so. The Quest is definitely built for more long form games, so will they be able to give it a battery life to match?

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