100 Games. 30 Rollercoasters. 100+ Race Cars.


Omni Treadmills

Run or walk in any direction to move yourself through the virtual space. These frictionless platforms allow you to literally step into the game. Whether it’s in the arena or a haunted mansion, it’s up to you and your stamina to keep the game going!

Talon Simulators

Full-motion racing and rollercoaster simulation. Get behind the wheel and feel like you’re actually in a high-performance machine or on the world’s craziest rollercoaster! Flight simulation and more coming soon!




Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Multiplayer games?
Absolutely! Play with your friends and family across multiple stations or with other people online! We have several games that offer multiplayer options. Squad up in a battle royale, go head to head in the arena, enter into a battle of wits, or race on a number of different tracks!
Can Multiple People Share One Station?

Not at the same time. If two people have purchased time and want to share a station, they would be taking turns on that single station. If both want to play at the same time, they would be on separate stations.

What Kind of Games Do You Have?

The better question is what kind of games don’t we have! Our library of games range genres such as puzzles, escape rooms, fighters, shooters, battle royal, action, adventure, strategy, horror, music & rhythm, and more!

Where Are You Located?

We are located on Hwy 17 in North Myrtle Beach between 21st & 23rd Avenue South. We are across the street from PGA Superstore and Dino’s House of Pancakes.

The Nexus VR Arcade
2201 Hwy 17 S – Unit 4
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582